Lyngklip & Associates Consumer Law Center, PLC, is Michigan’s leading consumer protection firm. We have dedicated ourselves to representing Michigan consumers and helping our clients throughout every step of the way.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to identify the main points where consumers are taken advantage of.

By recognizing these points, we can identify claims that other law firms miss and obtain recoveries when other attorneys can’t help. Our dedication to fairness and skill has resulted in success on cases that no other law firm would accept.

In the twenty years Lyngklip & Associates has been representing consumers, we have earned the recognition of our peers, judges, regulators, and legislators. This is due to our passion in helping others achieve justice.


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Lyngklip & Associates Consumer Law Group, PLC has been a long time coming. I have been dealing with identity theft from multiple sources for at least three decades. I couldn't find a lawyer that would even listen to me or even would know how to approach the subject matter of identity theft and how to help someone clear their name. I never gave up and found Lyngklip & Associates Consumer Law Group, PLC from another lawyer who couldn't help me. Ever since we have been fixing my background reports and helping me clear my name. Great client service and very helpful. I would recommend Ian Lyngklip and all of Lyngklip & Associates Consumer Law Group, PLC to anyone that needs help in consumer law, identity theft, and fixing incorrect information on a person's background report. Top notch all the way!

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Ian and his team were very personable and I felt like they were on my side the entire time. I was dealing with a consumer issue and they were available to answer any questions that I had whenever I called. The end result was fair and exactly what I expected. I really liked how they took care of their business. If you’re in the right, they’re going to make sure that the truth prevails and they won’t leave you there feeling like a stranger.

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Michigan Consumer Law helped me when I was having issues with the purchase of a vehicle. What happened to me was very unsettling. However, when I met with Ian and his team, they explained everything to me in layman’s terms and my anxiety was relieved knowing that I wasn’t going to be completely ripped off. I received a settlement and was happy with the end result. I am now working with Michigan Consumer Law on another case of mine, and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

When planning our litigation strategy, we pursue fee-shifting claims that help our clients maximize their net recovery. In many cases, our fees are paid out of recoveries from wrongdoers on the other side.

We help our clients with the following major legal issues

  • Credit Errors & Indentity Theft

    Are mistakes on your credit report holding you back?

    Credit reporting errors and identity theft issues can be difficult to correct on your own. Our attorneys may be able to assist.

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    Dealing with unwanted debt collection calls?

    Harassing or threatening debt collection calls aren’t only a pain to deal with; they’re illegal.

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    Tired of getting automated calls?

    Our attorneys may be able to help you stop those annoying (and illegal) debt collection or telemarketing calls.

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    Did your car dealership rip you off?

    If your car has been taken away or if you feel like you’ve been over-charged, you may be a victim of car dealership fraud. Let’s see if we can help.

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    Recently denied because of a background check?

    Improperly conducted background checks can cause you to lose out on job opportunities or benefits. Find out if our attorneys can help.

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    Are you being threatened with arrest or legal action?

    Payday loan debt collectors often impersonate officers of the court to get you to pay your debts. This is illegal. Let us help you end these calls.

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    This information is used for us to gauge where you are in the process so we can better help you through the process.

    Have you received a lawsuit for a car loan deficiency? Collect your loan documents, lawsuit, and any notices from the finance company. Have you done this?

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