Many of our clients will be entering very difficult economic times.  Before this new pandemic runs its course, it appears that a number of those at the bottom of our service-based economy will be laid off or suffer some form of economic hardship.

While credit reports are not likely at the top of their minds, good credit history is something that most of us rely on to pull us through difficult times.  The same is true for our clients. And those with the fewest economic resources will likely be in the greatest need of credit as this health crisis moves forward.

Please, as you come into contact with clients in the upcoming weeks, help them to weather this storm by reminding them to keep up payments on their accounts as best they can.  If they are unable to make those payments, they should stay in close contact with creditors and request deferrals of any payments they cannot make and request that the creditor not report adversely to their credit reports based on the deferral.  The five minutes you spend on this may save your client thousands of dollars in interest and fees, as well as damage to their credit history.

If any of your clients need copies of their own credit reports, they can download our free form on our Resource page.

Best regards, and stay healthy.