Nearly two million consumers a year experience a repossession of their vehicle. But not all creditors follow the law. In fact, many creditors and repossession companies break the law while repossessing vehicles by taking vehicles where no default has occurred or by using illegal methods to repossess the car.

Creditors who have a proper lien can take your car if you have defaulted on the terms of your financing contract. But creditors who have provided an extension or broken the contract themselves are not entitled to repossess a vehicle. More importantly, finance companies are not allowed to:

  • Break into locked yards or garages.
  • Ask the police to help repossess a vehicle.
  • Use force or threat violence against you or your property.
  • Repossess the vehicle while you are in it.
  • Damage your property.
  • Threaten, bully, or swear at you.
  • Breach the peace.
  • Steal personal items that are in a
    repossessed vehicle.

If a repossession agent used one of these tactics, you may be the victim of an illegal repossession. And, even if you have been late on your payments, you may be entitled to the return of your vehicle or compensation for any injury to you or damaged to your property.

Being late on your car note does not make you a criminal or give you creditors the right to break the law. If you believe that a finance company has violated these rights, call us. We offer no charge consultations for consumers with repossession problems, and if we do take on your case, we charge on a contingency basis, so we don’t get paid unless we get you a settlement or a judgment.

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